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How Cell regenerates may be an inversion, as he says in the Japanese version (as he comes back from an admittedly complete incineration) he says a special nerve in his head allows him to regenerate and if that nerve survives he can regenerate completely. the problem here is that in a previous attack made by Goku blew off the upper body (and head) of Cell and he still regenerated.The English dub changes this to Old Maid, presumably because Western audiences are more likely to be familiar with the rules.We are your source for swords, knives and ninja weapons at rock-bottom.Due to episode shuffling, the Cardcaptors dub of Cardcaptor Sakura had Kero advising Sakura to use Windy, Fly, and Shadow to capture the Watery card because they were her oldest cards.In Tokyo Mew Mew, Masaya chases Ichigo, who is running away in fear that her Secret Identity has been exposed.From the ending episode of the 2003 anime version this gem happens.The US Sonic comic tried to reconcile this by revealing that Mobius WAS Earth. in the future.The English dub initially changed 17 and 18 from human cyborgs to purely machine, but reversed it when they realized that in later episodes, Krillin and 18 had a daughter.Send that script out the door, and let the fans deal with it.

When Reaper Man came out and unambiguously identified Death as male, the translators had to do some backpedaling.

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This causes the prophecy to make no sense in relation to the other games in the series.Cannon Spike, an action shooting game featuring numerous Capcom characters, features an enemy named Fallen Balrog.White Castle Teaming Up With Sony To Promote Amazing Spider-Man 2.By adding this line, Harley implies that he knows the truth about Jimmy being Conan.Yet just a few minutes later, she attacks Bloom (who has a similar fire power, only more powerful) with nothing but her usual ice attacks.Just recently 4Kids seems to have skipped a few episodes after the Yusei vs.

A few added sentences in the later books serve to explain that the characters have simply been using the wrong words.

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At the end of the Rescue arc of Bleach, as the three traitor captains escaped to Hueco Mundo, Gin Ichimaru originally apologised to Rangiku Matsumoto for an unspecified reason.

In the Japanese version of that same Arc, Arlong gives Nami a knife to prove her loyalty by stabbing Usopp.However, she is later seen lying in a field of them in the Cat Kingdom with no effects.

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Did they really think people were stupid enough to think a squirrel and a hedgehog were the same character just because they were both pink and shared a name.

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You glance up from your book and notice your teammate Naruto.The dub of Vision of Escaflowne has a character mention in the second episode that Zaibach are the ones attacking Fanelia.They find the entrance at the end of the episode, leading directly to their first assault in Episode 44.

The 5Ds dub also had Rex Goodwin claim to be the fifth Signer, even before his identity had been revealed in the original.One of the monster is called the A. Sludge. If you played the Japanese version, you find out that the A. in his name stand for Atomic.However, this method of dubbing produced quite the plot holes, especially when it came time for them to adapt certain other episodes.This meant a lot of canonically dead characters suddenly appeared alive and well (explained as a result of the Unicron Singularity messing with the space-time continuum) and the Autobots not being familiar with combination, despite the fact that this was a frequent occurrence in Energon.

So, from now on, new works (like the manga) have her down as loving burgers and ramen.

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Some 50 episodes later, someone comments that the Medabot responsable for a horrible incident was also named Metabee - then Ikki rushes to the store saying that it was Henry, co-worker in said store, who named Metabee (cue a flashback with altered dialogue).For Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst on the PC, Walkthrough by tomruiz.

There was also another scene of Mamoru being brainwashed and Metaria actually possessing his body, thus explaining why it was so hard to get through to him when he fought with Sailor Moon in the last episode.The problem came in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, when their favorite ramen stand becomes central to one of the cases and all the characters talk about how much Phoenix and Maya used to visit the ramen stand, making something that was always an element of the Japanese script look like a Retcon in the English script.

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She was re-dubbed into a male until the 11th episode in which someone finally called her a she, then proceeded to point it out in an argument over who gets to play the (male) lead in a role playing game.In the dub, the second Greed has a different voice actor than the first and the two sound almost nothing alike.

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Just pretend the last change you made never happened and translate it completely normally.And then there is the matter of multiple uncoordinated translators.Bingo Book: deidara02, shino14, puppet19. yellow coupon green coupon blue coupon winter0810.

When recovering from insanity, Robotnik mentions that he was called Eggman as a tease but he took that name and gave it power, forming the Eggman Empire.There are also numerous shots of the sun in the last episode of the dub (all shots from the combined 45-46) that show the progression of the sun spots.Cosplay Magic is the most recognized cosplay store which offers best quality cosplay from japanese anime, cosplay from video games and cosplay from movies. You can.

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In the original, he explains that he wants Mokuba for pretty much the same reason as Pegasus: to get the secret information about Kaiba Corp that Seto had entrusted to Mokuba.The initial problem responsible for all this is of course, that Scrooge has no accent in the German dub.In the Spanish dub of Rurouni Kenshin, the translators made some really random changes to the names of characters and places.

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